The Psychology of Winning and Losing

“The Psychology of Winning and Losing”

 The Psychology for Winning, begins in my sub-conscious!

You perform as you Believe! The best team does not always win the game!

The best athlete does not always win the match!

Often, the one who prepares as if they expect to win wins!

The Psychology of Winning is about Preparation!

This Preparation begins with your beliefs; your efforts represent what you believe.

When you have the Psychology of a Winner you attribute your wins to preparation and purpose, the attitude for winning rest in your subconscious.

Mental Message to Self: Cognitive Ability

The psychology of a winner requires that I establish a standard of ambition, focusing on what I wish to achieve.

The psychology of a Loser allows me to make excuses for what I believe I can’t do, which will overtake my ambition for preparation and purpose. If I don’t prepare with a purpose, I won’t win.

I rebuke the mentality of a LOSER, I will WIN through PURPOSE, PREPARATION, AND PASSION; I will do so because I am ingrained with the Psychology of a WINNER!


Coach Khalil Shakeel

Ambition Boxing

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