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The Psychology of Winning and Losing

“The Psychology of Winning and Losing”

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Ambitious Goals Sheet

Ambitious Goals

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Ambition Boxing Academy offers different boxing classes for both adults and children. Come train with us and learn from the best.

It is recommended that all participants get a physical before participating. It’s highly recommended that female participants get a physical to make sure they are not pregnant, or having any painful pelvic discomfort, abnormal vaginal bleeding of undetermined causes, breast mass or discomfort.


I'm fully aware that fitness training, especially boxing training, can be very fatiguing. I’m aware that amateur boxing is a contact sport, and that if I choose to participate in the contact portion, or if I choose for my child to participate in the contact portion of training, that bodily injuries such as, permanent disability, paralysis, or death could occur. I fully accept all such risk and assume responsibility. I hereby release, discharge, covenant not to sue and agree indemnity and save and hold harmless the ABC Boxing Academy and its staff of any and all injuries.

By checking this online agreement, I verify that I am the parent/guardian of the child or adult applying for participation in the ABC Boxing Academy boxing program. I verify that my child or myself is fit to participate in the activities and I consent to my child/children or myself to participate. I have read and understand the membership application and waiver and agree to the terms of agreement.